(302) 654-0500

WiLDWiCH truck

every week you can find the truck...

Tuesdays: 600 King Street (MetLife Building)

Wednesdays: Wilmington Farmers Market (Rodney Square)

2017 EVENT Dates

5/20 Sat: Strawberry Festival at Fifer Orchards (Wyoming, DE)

5/28 Sun: Foster Ehrgood Wedding

6/3 Sat: NASCAR (Dover, DE)

6/4 Sun: NASCAR (Dover, DE)

6/9 Fri: Rolling Revolution at Delaware Art Museum

6/17 Sat: Orchard Day at Fifer Orchards (Wyoming, DE)

6/19 Mon: Quizzo (Arden, DE)

6/24 Sat: Compton Citino Wedding

7/14 Fri: Rolling Revolution at Delaware Park

7/17 Mon: Quizzo (Arden, DE)

7/20 Thu: Ladybug Festival (LOMA, Wilmington, DE)

7/29 Sat: Peach Ice Cream Day at Fifier (Wyoming, DE)

​...more to come...